Questions asked & answered by a health expert

Yes, most people come on their own, it is the ideal way to retreat. It gives you an opportunity to nurture yourself and have space to think and contemplate. People also come as couples or with a close friends/family members.

Yes, everyone who stays at Salt Retreat has their own room, unless booked in as a couple/twin share. Please note, Couple/Twin share bookings are only available to people who book and come together.

Yes, once your arrive everything is included. There is no need to book or pay for extra activities or therapies yourself.

The retreat is suitable for most people with a reasonable fitness level. Walking is an important part of the program. The exercise program is low impact and again is suitable for people with a reasonable/moderate level of fitness.

Yes, with the exception of personal limitations.  The Salt detox program is specifically designed to yield the best results.

Salt is a boutique retreat accommodating up to 6 people per program and we like everyone to try their best. Unlike some large retreats, where a schedule of the days events are handed out, our programs are fully facilitated. We will be with you from morning to night.

The Retreat is perfect for people looking to improve their overall health and well-being, destress, get back on track, quit bad habits and increase energy levels.

It is the perfect environment for active/busy people looking to achieve excellent results in a short time frame.

We will send out pre-cleanse information once a booking is made. These guidelines will ease the transition into your detox and minimise any side effects. It is recommended that clients walk 4km a day and eliminate/reduce caffeine, sugar and alcohol for a week prior to their stay.

Food at the retreat is vegetarian. Menus vary with each program and are designed to help support and improve digestion and liver detoxification, reduce inflammation, stabilise hormones, improve gut bacteria and balance blood sugar levels.

Individual requirements can be catered for please let us know at time of booking.

NO, counselling is not provided at the retreat.

NO,  Salt is not a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility. We do not have the training, facilities or services to accommodate drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Smoking, taking illegal drugs and drinking alcohol on the property is not permitted and will result in cancellation of the booking with no refund,


Thank you again and again! I feel better than I have in years. I am fitter, stronger and more relaxed. You managed to exceed my expectations! The weight loss is simply an added bonus. It was exactly what I needed.


I have just returned from my first retreat, I feel amazing. The program is perfect for busy people who fail to find the time in their schedules for themselves. The 5 day detox was a prefect grounding for me to really learn about my body and whats it is capable of if I focus on it. My simple advice, do yourself a favour, book it!

Thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction to change old habits! Your program is outstanding and I have been raving about the retreat to everyone since I arrived home! Thank you for teaching me what no one else has ever taught. You have truly turned my life around and I will be forever grateful! X

Seriously though, I was not in a good space physically when I got to the retreat, but I knew that I needed the support of Sue, and the time to reset my body and my habits again. I cannot believe the transformation from where I started – 4kgs and 46cms lost, and back in control of my body. I have some more work to do, but I am energised again to know that I am worth the work. Thanks Dayle and Sue!