The Detox

Exceptional results in minimal time

The fully inclusive 5 Day Dynamic Detox program is specifically designed for lifestyle change, we will show you how to nurture a vital sense of well-being. Reset your body with our steps to great health. Increase your energy levels with essential nutrition and exercise tips. Get the right tools and information to achieve lifelong wellness. A happier, healthier lifestyle awaits you.

Individually tailored for people aged 18 to 65 years, with reasonable fitness levels, our detox is the ideal program for busy people who want exceptional results in minimal time. The program requires commitment, focus, dedication and complete responsibility to self. It is the secret of longevity and we want to share it with YOU!

Health Outcomes

What our detox promotes

  1. Exceptional weight loss
  2. Calming of the nervous system
  3. Elimination of body toxins, cellulite, uric acid, medications, chemicals and fats
  4. Improved sleeping patterns, breaking insomnia
  5. Faster recovery from injury and illness
  6. Stabilisation of male and female hormones
  7. Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage

What To Expect

A Typical Day at the Retreat

Upon arrival at the retreat, you will be shown to your private room. An individual assessment will be undertaken your blood pressure is taken, along with an assessment of your weight, height and body measurements.

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED; there is nothing to pay for once you arrive.

7.00amSauna, skin brushing and morning walk
9.00amCircuit class
10.00amTonic paste / Breakfast
10.30amStretch, Yoga, Pilates or Meditation
12.00pmBeach walk
2.30pmMassage / Reflexology
4.00pmAnatomy & Nutrition lesson

Before You Arrive

Set your goals

A detox must be comprehensive and cleansing, restoring to all cells. The Retreat sets up the perfect conditions for your body to destress; cleanse and begin again.

Upon booking, we give you a comprehensive Preparation Guide so you can be fully prepared before you arrive. It’s your responsibility to ensure you prepare for your detox correctly and thoroughly following our instructions. Preparation is key to a successful detox.

Be responsible for your own health. Don’t put it on hold. Start on the path to better health and higher living today!

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